CNN Commentator: Trump Thinks 'He Is a Slave Master of Black People'

Apparently, condemning the NFL’s kneeling protests of the national anthem is a step too far for CNN commentator Keith Boykin. He believes that, because of President Trump’s tweeting, he sees an anti African-American trend — that Trump is a racist puppet master, attempting to pull the strings on the black community. Boykin said, “We have a white supremacist president of the United States. He’s encouraging white supremacists.” And the CNN host even called him out for saying that, questioning whether he could back up that statement. But, then he said something even more radical:

It’s not about respect for the flag. It’s about fanning the flames of racial hatred and this president is a master of that and that’s the reason why he’s playing plantation politics. He thinks apparently that he is a slave master of black people in the NFL, of black people in the country.