Bernie Sanders Doesn't Think the Soviet Union Was Ever Our 'Enemy'

While speaking at Missouri’s Westminster College, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D/I-VT) said that when he was Mayor of Burlington, he established a sister city program with Yaroslavl, Russia. He spoke with pride of “seeing Russian boys and girls visiting Vermont, getting to know American kids, and becoming good friends.” But he still espoused a socialist viewpoint, even when talking about economic cooperation. He used scare quotes to say the words “the Soviet Union was our enemy.” In other words, he didn’t actually think that the Soviet Union matched up with Reagan’s terminology, as “the evil empire.” Even though they slaughtered millions of people, they were never the “enemy” for Sanders. This one line in his remarks was perhaps the most telling of all his foreign policy statements: he would align himself with the Stalins, Brezhnevs, and the Lenins of today. If this is the progressive viewpoint on globalism, no thanks. Americans should choose not to align themselves with dictators and with genocidal murderers.

Also, for all the liberals who have been pointing fingers at President Trump’s Russia policy, why no concern when Sanders says he wanted to be friendly with them in their Soviet days?

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