SNL's Bobby Moynihan Didn't Love How Politicized the Show Was Last Season

Bobby Moynihan played a featured role in Saturday Night Live‘s mocking parodies of Sean Spicer’s press conferences — he played th New York Times‘ Glenn Thrush. As the antagonist at the receiving end of Melissa McCarthy’s barbs, while she was playing Spicer, he took some hits; but it seems as though his integrity suffered as well. It turns out that he thought the comedy show swayed too far into politics, and too far into bashing President Trump. What a concept! He told CBS News, “It was a just different season, it was very politics-heavy, very Trump-heavy, and that’s not necessarily my favorite.” He said he preferred the show when it was more character based, rather than current events focused.

What do you think? Was SNL better before it became so politicized? Was it ever really that different? Leave your comments below.