Iranian President Demands an Apology From Trump

President Trump has not been supportive of the former administration’s Iran nuclear deal from the start, but his United Nations speech seems to have struck a chord. There are those who claim that the nuclear deal has slowed Iran’s development of nuclear weapons, however the Iranians are still acting aggressively.  By meeting the bare minimums of the deal, the Iranians opened up their markets to over $100 billion in trade. And yet the U.S. State Department still regards them as the world’s “foremost” state sponsor of terrorism — they fund Hamas, Hezbollah, and ISIS. But, after Trump called them out for their continued terrorism efforts, Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, had the gall to demand an apology from him. Maybe if you weren’t angling to be the next dictatorial regime with a nuke, and weren’t putting money in terrorists’ pockets, our president wouldn’t denounce you.

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