Justin Bieber Prays at Hurricane Benefit Concert

On Tuesday, pop star Justin Bieber prayed with Pastor John Gray, Rabbi Ari Lukas, and Islamic graduate school founder Jihad Turk at a benefit concert for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. It was one of Bieber’s first public appearances after canceling his “Purpose” tour in July.

Bieber introduced Gray, who led the prayer.

“You guys at home, Justin here. I just want to say I’m super grateful to be part of this cause,” the pop star said. “We don’t want you guys to just watch. We want you to be a part of this and donate whatever you can, doesn’t have to be much, whatever you can possibly give.”

Gray prayed, “God, we the faith community come asking for wisdom, discernment, and compassion, as we walk alongside those who have lost so much: loved ones, homes, businesses, and hope. Cause us to be the hands and feet of compassion, to all who are in need, no matter their background.”

The Christian pastor added, “At a time of great division in our nation, may we lay down our differences, pick up our common humanity for the sole purpose of serving our fellow man until hearts are healed and lives restored. And though we don’t yet understand the purpose of the storms, we know you will guide us through the storms.”

“We close this prayer, not with an amen, but with a praise rooted in an eternal hope, hallelujah.” After this prayer, Tori Kelly and Bieber’s “Despacito” collaborator Luis Fonsi performed “Hallelujah.”

The concert, “Hand in Hand: A Benefit For Hurricane Harvey and Irma Relief,” saw television, film, and music stars volunteer on the phones to raise money for the cause.

This prayer, with a pop star, a Christian pastor, a Jewish rabbi, and a Muslim leader, showed how Americans can come together despite their differences, to help those in need. Watch the video below.