ICYMI: CNN's Don Lemon Flirted With a Reporter Out in the Hurricane Storm

UPDATE: Don Lemon is a self-described gay man, so this awkward incident wasn’t actually flirting in the hopes of a real romance, but it was still pretty inappropriate and weird.

To illustrate how harsh the wind gusts were in Daytona Beach, FL, on Sunday, Sara Sidner explained to CNN viewers that she was not a small lady and that even she was being blown around by the winds. She said, “I’m a chunky girl.” God only knows how CNN can call Don Lemon a journalist or an anchor, and he further proved this by swooping in at that opportunity. As if the hurricane wasn’t bad enough, Sidner really needed to be flirted with at that moment! Lothario Lemon said, “You’re a beautiful woman, no matter what size you are. And there’s nothing wrong with having a little curve.” What made him think this was a good time to hit on her?!?

Also, Sidner never said that she thought of herself as anything less than beautiful, just that she was “chunky.” By implying the need to emphasize that women can be sexy regardless of size, was Lemon actually inferring a less-than status onto her? Like, who brought up beauty as an issue?!? Even Trevor Noah thinks this was inappropriate.

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