The Miss America Contestants Competed for Anti-Trump Quips

Let’s face it, the Miss America competition should be about beauty and sex appeal; nobody thinks these ladies will be political opinion makers. Nobody actually cares how smart they are. We have capable and amazing newsmakers of both genders, but these women are not going to be them; they are just going to look pretty. But, the competition this year not only pushed them towards talking about political things, it pushed them to diss President Trump. They received questions on whether the president was boneheaded for dropping put of the Paris accords, whether he was racist for drawing a moral equivalency between the Charlottesville white nationalists and their counter-protesters, and whether he colluded with Russia to dupe the American people. Not one question about whether his tax reform policy will benefit average Americans, whether Obamacare is failing, or what should be done about North Korea. If they insist on asking the sexy ladies about politics, they should at least try to be unbiased.