'The View' Crew Is Hurt That Mike Huckabee Didn't Like Their Show With Him Yesterday

Yesterday, we reported that The View crew didn’t treat Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her father, former Governor Mike Huckabee, very nicely. And Gov. Huckabee went on Fox Business and echoed our article; he trashed their “lion’s den,” and said they are filled with “anger and irrational hatred.” Needless to say, Whoopi Goldberg and the other ladies weren’t thrilled with his statement. They even implied that he was sexist, because they claim he wouldn’t have called Stephen Colbert or Trevor Noah these nasty names. Goldberg said, “We really worked hard to do a fair interview” — and that she resented Huckabee’s allegations.

What do you think? Who was treated unfairly here, The View or the Huckabees? Leave your comments below.

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