Ted Cruz Predicted Trump's Republican Betrayal in January 2016

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), while he was running against Donald Trump in the Republican primary, predicted that Trump would abandon the GOP to feed the Democratic spending bill if he ever sat in the Oval Office. Now, it seems like President Trump has done just that. In January 2016, Cruz told the Kuhner Report radio program:

If you think the problem with Republicans is they haven’t made enough deals, they haven’t been willing to get along with Democrats enough and giving in to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi enough, then maybe [Trump’s] critique has some force. But if you think the problem is we haven’t had enough leaders in Washington who actually honor the promises they made to their voters, who actually stand and fight for conservative principles, who stand and fight for the Bill of Rights and Constitution, then that explains why conservatives are uniting behind our campaign.

Senator Cruz also said that, if Trump did this, he would be “contributing to the loss of freedom and the bankrupting of our country.” And of course, this seems to be exactly what the president has done. He stepped around Speaker Paul Ryan and the GOP leadership, and he worked to raise the debt ceiling with Nancy Pelosi — to increase the indebtedness of our nation. Pelosi, predictably, then backstabbed Trump by announcing her priority was the DREAM Act. So, for her, raising the debt ceiling wasn’t enough, she wanted to contradict Trump administration priorities also. Cruz knew this would happen if Trump became the RINO-in-chief, and it did indeed happen.

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