Trevor Noah Says Trump Is Ramping up the War in Afghanistan Because He Wants to See Scantily Clad Women

After the Phoenix rally, it’s been hard to focus on President Trump’s more-presidential address on Monday. But remember, he called for a ramping up of our military efforts in Afghanistan. This conflicts with his campaign promises to deter conflict and decrease our troop deployments. So what changed? According to Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah, Gen. John Kelly, Trump’s new chief of staff, showed him a picture of what Afghanistan used to look like. Back when they embodied Western values, the ladies of Afghanistan didn’t have to wear burkas, but wandered around in miniskirts. Noah joked, “Sir, with more troops, we could get these women showing some leg again. I want you to put every soldier we have into this country! This is too important! How many troops will it take to get boobs? How many more?” In other words, Trump would put soldiers in harm’s way because he wants to see scantily clad women.