Ben Carson's Virginia Home Was Vandalized, Graffitied With 'F**k Trump'

Yesterday, Ben Carson, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, posted this message on his Facebook:

In the post, he describes a situation he dealt with when he lived in rural Maryland. He tells the story of a neighbor who, upon seeing a black family move in next door, put up a Confederate flag to torment them. He says that his other neighbors combatted this person’s hatred by putting up lots of American flags. But he also describes an incident that happened more recently, when his Virginia home, in a suburb of Washington, D.C., was graffitied with the words “F**k Trump.” The media want an answer from Carson on how he felt about Trump supporting leaving confederate monuments up and about Trump’s moral equivalency statement regarding the Charlottesville atrocity. In this message, and in the interview below, he is mostly calling for resiliency and patience in the face of hatred, rather than directly responding to those media inquiries. But the incidents he describes make us wonder whether it’s not just the “alt-right” with the racists…

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