Trump Wants to 'De-Nuke the World'

After getting his security briefing while on vacation at his golf course in New Jersey, President Trump gave a press conference. Answering questions about the crisis with North Korea, he said that if he had his druthers he would commit to nuclear nonproliferation around the world. Here’s his statement:

I’d like to de-nuke the world. I would like Russia and the United States, and China and Pakistan, and many other countries that have nuclear weapons get rid of them. But until such time as they do, we will be the most powerful nuclear nation on Earth by far. The first order I gave to my generals, as you know, my first order was I want this, our nuclear arsenal, to be the biggest and the finest in the world. […] Until such time as this scourge disappears, we will be so much better and so much stronger than anybody else, and nobody, including North Korea, is going to be threatening us with anything.

Is this what he means by “fire and fury”?

He also took this press conference as an opportunity to bash Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (even though McConnell’s wife serves in his administration).

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