Former Bush State Dept. Official Says He's More Concerned About Trump's Rhetoric Than a Nuclear North Korea

The former chief-of-staff to Colin Powell in George W. Bush’s State Department, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, told MSNBC that he’s more concerned with the “grandiose rhetoric that Donald Trump used,” than North Korea being nuclearized. He described the tensions in the region: “This is not an existential crisis. It is not something that we can’t handle, that the North Koreans and the South Koreans, our allies on the peninsula, can’t handle.” He differed from those saying negotiations wouldn’t work, alleging that Kim Jong-un’s prime objective is to stay in power and to stay in the lap of luxury. He said, “Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il or Kim Jong-un– they’re very rational people.” But he said that President Trump’s “fire and fury” comments are “not the way to conduct U.S. foreign and security policy.”

Which are you more concerned by, North Korea with intercontinental ballistic nukes or President Trump using harsh language? Leave your comments below.

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