Nikki Haley Says No Foreign Nations Have Complained About Trump's Use of Twitter

CNN assumed, like many in the mainstream do, that President Trump should not be tweeting, that his use of social media gets in the way of substantive policies. So they asked his ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, if foreign countries’ leaders have complained to her about it. She said, “I have not had one country complain to me about the president’s tweets. He is going to do it. This is a president who communicates through Twitter…. No complaints from the United Nations or from any of the member states on the president’s tweets.” As has been said by many media scholars, the mainstream media is concerned by the president’s tweeting because it gives him a way to circumvent them and speak directly to the people. They’re worried about their waning role, not actually the president’s ability to tweet. And it seems like the foreign nations at the UN aren’t concerned at all.