MSNBC: 'For Some, the Word 'Trump' Is Becoming a Modern Day Swastika'

In a statement that gravely minimizes the suffering that people endured under actual Nazis, talk show host Dean Obeidallah told MSNBC that, “For some, the word ‘Trump’ is becoming a modern day swastika.” He says this on the heels of a Mosque bombing in Minnesota. So, he’s also probably offending, you know, lots of others too. President Trump didn’t cause the mosque to be bombed, it was an act of hatred done by bad people. But the Nazis did cause millions of people to die, and it was Hitler’s discretion. This guy owes Holocaust survivors, and the Jewish, gay, Romani, and disabled communities (among others) an apology; and while he’s at it, he owes one to the President too.