Is There a Smear Campaign Against Trump's National Security Advisor... From the Right?

CNN is reporting that there’s both a smear campaign from right-wing media sources like Breitbart and an internal battle going on in the White House against Trump’s national security advisor, H.R. McMaster. They report that Steve Bannon, the president’s senior strategist, has it in for McMaster, but that Trump’s new chief-of-staff, John Kelly, is trying to convince POTUS to keep him. Bannon favors a more isolationist and mercenary military approach, while McMaster favors strengthening our troops’ forces and capabilities. As for the right-wing media’s supposed smear campaign, you have to wonder whether CNN actually has their pulse on anything, let alone anything right wing. But whether Trump listens to Bannon or to his generals will continue to be one of the more telling parts of his presidency.