O.J. Simpson Says He's Lived a 'Conflict-Free Life'

During today’s parole hearing for the 2007 armed robbery of his own memorabilia, O.J. Simpson (who was granted parole) told the panel that he has lived a “conflict-free life.” Firstly, let’s analyze this crime — Simpson “lost” these items because he tried to hide them so they couldn’t be sold to pay his Goldman family civil suit debt. He drunkenly barged into a sports collector’s Las Vegas hotel room, with self-described thugs, and took not just his stuff back, but also  memorabilia from other sports legends. This alone isn’t very conflict-free. But then you add in the fact that he was tried for the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her lover, Ronald Goldman. He was infamously acquitted of these murders, but was found liable in civil court. So, essentially, a court of law decided he was responsible for killing them, even though he was never found guilty of murder. And again, it was because he didn’t want to pay the Goldmans what he owed them for killing their son that he hid these memorabilia items in the first place. Still… not exactly conflict-free.

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