Maxine Waters Says With Glee That She Feels Vindicated by Don Jr. Story

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is the most prominent voice for the impeachment of President Trump. And, though we’ve highlighted a few times that she’s acted quite senile lately, she’s presenting a gleeful feeling of vindication based on the Don Jr. story. He met with a Russian lawyer to, by his own account, get damning information on Hillary Clinton but wound up with no info. His defense is that he intended to collude but didn’t. Waters said, “We’re going to find that not only was there collusion — I believe there was — but money laundering, and a lot more is going to be unveiled. And as I’ve always said, Trump and his allies are going to lead right to impeachment. I believe that.” Even the MSNBC host countered that there has been no evidence as of yet that any collusion actually took place. Between baseless allegations and her moments of senility, should it be Maxine Waters who ends her tenure as a public official?