Kellyanne Conway: The Media 'Wants to Convert Wishful Thinking Into Hard Evidence' on Russia Collusion

Kellyanne Conway responded to the allegations that Don Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer is the hard evidence that liberals and the media have been looking for on Russian collusion. She told Fox News, “Don has said very clearly that the meeting was taken. He didn’t know the name of the person who was coming. He certainly knew the person who set it up. Somebody he had known through the Miss Universe pageant[….] Fine. He goes into the meeting. He says it was vague, ambiguous, obvious almost immediately there was no helpful information.” Conway continued, “No action was taken. No follow-up whatsoever. I think what’s important here is that we’re at day 200 or so of no evidence of Russian collusion. People think they want to convert wishful thinking into hard evidence.” So let’s get this straight — the administration’s defense is that Don Jr. thought he was going to collude with a Russian lawyer to get dirt on the Clinton campaign, but the lawyer had no dirt? So he intended to collude but didn’t actually do it? Is that a whole lot better?

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