NBC's Andrea Mitchell Says Being Called 'Fake News' by the President Is a 'Badge of Honor'

In the past few days, President Trump has called the Morning Joe panel stupid, crazy, low-IQ, and discussed Mika Brzezinski’s facelift, and he has also posted a Reddit gif of him wresting with CNN. In some ways Trump seems to be getting increasingly vindicated– there are more and more media retractions, and the Project Veritas videos prove that there are issues with CNN’s integrity. But the mainstream press almost seems to take pride in the fact that they’re being lambasted by the leader of the free world. While talking about how, in his mind, CNN is “fake news,” Trump said, “NBC is equally as bad, despite the fact that I made them a fortune with ‘The Apprentice.'” Andrea Mitchell came right out and responded that this slur was a, “badge of honor.” Should the media and the President go back to having a symbiotic relationship? Or is that impossible in a Trump White House?