CNN Boasts About Uncovering the Trump Wrestling Video Creator

CNN continues to reiterate their threat against the person who created the President Trump vs. CNN wrestling parody video. They keep saying that it’s his “deep-throated” apology that has kept them from disclosing his name and where he lives. Essentially, they’re saying that if he ever makes another parody video or says anything unkind about CNN, they will disclose him to the world. And they’re boasting about this! This would be like Goliath telling all of his friends that he was such an ethical giant because he was only going to kill David if he didn’t bow down to him. Maybe CNN should be putting some of these investigational and corporate threat resources into actually finding the truth about the stories they publish everyday — and then they wouldn’t have to retract so many “fake news” moments….

And BuzzFeed (that bastion of conservatism) says CNN might be outing the wrong guy anyway. Click LOAD MORE. >>>>>