Here's Why Saying 'People Will Die' Is Such Pathetic Hyperbole

ReasonTV’s Remy created this musical video to demonstrate the pathetic hyperbolizing behind the Democrats’ mantra that “people will die” if Trumpcare is passed. As we have pointed out at PJ Media, lowering healthcare premiums and changing the way Medicaid coverage is orchestrated will not kill people. Dr. Drew Pinsky, not exactly known for his conservatism, said, “So this crap about people dying, I mean a hundred thousand people dying in the United States? That does not happen in this country. I’m offended by that, I’m angered by that. That is rhetoric that must stop. It is an offense to my profession.” And, as Remy points out, if we’re concerned about saving every life possible, if that’s something that the government wants to make its business, shouldn’t we have mandatory organ donations, 4 mph speed limits, and whipped cream prohibitions…?