CNN Continues to Bemoan the 'Erosion' of White House Press Coverage

CNN has had to retract two major news stories about President Trump and Russian interference in the past few weeks. The latest was that Trump associates had ties to a Russian investment fund. And the one before that was that James Comey would contradict Trump’s assertion that Comey had told him he was not under FBI investigation. Both were examples of fake news. But CNN also continues to bemoan the fact that the Trump White House has been treating the press differently than previous administrations. Their White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, said, “It’s critical that we point that out to our viewers that, in addition to this briefing being off-camera today, the president is also eroding the expectations, eroding the traditions of covering the president of the United States here in Washington, in that he is holding a statement in the Rose Garden this afternoon with a foreign head of state and not taking questions from reporters.” But CNN (and other mainstream outlets) hasn’t taken a good hard look in the mirror. Maybe if they actually were a trusted news source, the White House wouldn’t avoid them so much.