Leaked Audio: Republican Senate Intern Calls British 'F*gg*ts,' Paul Ryan 'a C*ck,' and Talks of a 'Superior Race'

One of Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) interns spouted some very harsh political rhetoric. This is a pretty damning example of how some in the GOP act behind closed doors, as many of the anti-Trump demonstrators claim that the Right perpetuates hate and bigotry; this tape will play right into the hands of the “love trumps hate” activists. Mediaite broke the story, referring to the intern only as “Nate.” He is a self-proclaimed “bigot” who called British people “f*gg*ts,” called Speaker Paul Ryan “a c*ck,” and described Americans as a “superior race.” A spokesperson for the senator’s office told Mediaite the he “is no longer an intern in Senator Cotton’s office. Beyond that, I cannot comment on personnel matters.”

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