Lewandowski: Comey 'Wasn't Man Enough' to Not Leak Info to the Media

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski had a contentious interview on the Today show. He insisted Comey was right that Trump wasn’t under investigation, but that much of the rest of his testimony was incorrect. Lewandowski said, “All of a sudden, Jim Comey, who is a career prosecutor, spent five years as the FBI director, was so stunned that he had a one-on-one private conversation with the president of the United States, he didn’t know how to report this to the attorney general, the White House counsel or the associate attorney general, to say, ‘I’m concerned’?” He claims that, if Comey felt like Trump was obstructing justice, Comey had a legal obligation to report it to the proper authorities rather than the media. And Lewandowski also demeaned Comey: “He gave his notes to a Columbia law professor because he wasn’t man enough to give the notes directly to media when he wanted them out to the media.”