Comey: Lynch Wanted Clinton Probe Called 'Matter,' Not 'Investigation'

James Comey is delivering his first sworn testimony after being fired by the Trump administration. And several major findings have already been discussed in the first hour. One surprising moment was when Comey said that it wasn’t just the Trump administration that may have asked him to cover up an FBI investigation. It was actually Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s attorney general, who asked him to lie about the probe into Hillary Clinton’s email scandals. According to him, Lynch asked him to not call it an investigation at all — instead, she wanted him to call it a “matter.”

We don’t need to create hypotheticals to figure out that, if Comey had said the same about President Trump or Attorney General Sessions, the media would have spread that info like wildfire. CNN must have thought he was saying Sessions had asked him to not call the Russia probe an “investigation,” because they put out as much in their app’s alert system. They actually had to release a clarification once they realized their falsehood. So, it’s fair to say that the mainstream media is totally biased about this testimony. If he says the Trump administration tried to block an ongoing investigation, it’s huge news; but if he says the Obama administration tried to cover up the Hillary scandal, it’s a minor clarification (if even that).

Here are some other big moments from the first hour of James Comey’s post-firing testimony:

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