Sec. of State Tillerson Can't Answer Whether the Russians Have the Oval Office Bugged?!?

Russian President Vladimir Putin offered the U.S. Congress a transcript of his foreign minister and ambassador’s conversation with President Trump. He was trying to quell the rumors that anything inappropriate was discussed. But this has left the media wondering how Putin has a recording of that conversation. It’s likely that the cameras the envoys brought with them had microphones on them, which isn’t incredibly sinister. But, that being said, when a journalist asks you if they bugged the Oval Office, you need to say no. And that’s not what Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. He said, “No way to know that.” Firstly, there are absolutely ways to know that — we can scan the room for electronic devices. Secondly, if they have any reason to think the president’s office has been compromised, they should not be at all nonchalant about it!

Seriously, what is happening in our government right now?!?