CNN's Zakaria Says Syria Action 'Ended Trump's Strange Flirtation' With Putin

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria has not been a big President Trump fan, but this roller coaster of compliments and disparaging remarks takes the cake. He started by commending the president for taking action in Syria, saying it “ended Trump’s strange flirtation with Vladimir Putin.” But then he also said, “Trump’s foreign policy seems to change with every meeting, event or crisis.” And he also used the fact that Trump had been motivated by seeing images of children hurt in the Syrian chemical attack to impugn his foreign aid policies. He said, “I would only ask that he look again at those images, perhaps they would move him not simply to drop bombs but also to provide more aid and food to these war-torn people. Perhaps they would even move him to let some of these people escape their misery and find a home in America.”