Mitch McConnell: 'Neil Gorsuch Will Be Confirmed This Week'

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) told NBC’s Chuck Todd that “Neil Gorsuch will be confirmed this week.” He seems confident that whether it’s with the Democrats playing by the rules or not, they will get him confirmed. McConnell continued, “How many of them [Democrats] are willing to oppose cloture on a partisan basis to kill a Supreme Court nominee? Never happened before in history, in the whole history of the country.” He also commented that it was Senate Minority Leader Schumer (D-NY) who first filibustered on a SCOTUS nominee, and that up until then judges were given a simple up-or-down vote. So he really explained that it has been Democrats, both in the past and now, who have screwed up our justice-confirming process.