'Let Me Fill You in on a Little Something, Kiddies,' Donald Trump Is 'Your F***Ing President'

Scott LoBaido, an artist whom the New York Post describes as an “Angry American Patriot,” has a message for all the millennials saying Trump isn’t their president. “Let me fill you in on a little something, kiddies,” LoBaido says, Donald Trump is “your f***Ing president.” He argues that all the pundits saying that white supremacists are going to take over the government are crazy, and that, “If Spongebob Squarepants was a Republican, and he won, the same f***ing people would be saying the same thing.” Take a look at this guy’s epic rant!

Trump's biggest supporter is still mad as hell

"Let me fill you in on a little something, kiddies. [Donald Trump is] your f–king president."

Posted by New York Post on Tuesday, November 29, 2016