An Anti-Trump Protest at Ohio State Just Turned Violent

So much for safe spaces! An anti-Trump protest at Ohio State University was interrupted when somebody pushed the guy speaking down a flight of stairs. Panic and violence ensued.

Update: The anti-Trump group was a self-identified socialist group on campus, and the speaker was 2014 graduate Timothy Adams. The pusher, identified only as Stanton, was taken into police custody, and was suspended from the university pending investigation. Stanton’s mother has now come forward, and says her son has Aspergers and is actually a Hillary Clinton supporter. After the altercation, Adams reportedly said, “I think, if anything, tonight shows that we really need to bring people into social movements, bring people into social organizations and to come out for each other and stand up for each other. Ultimately, coming together is the only thing that’s going to stop any kind of violence.”