French Police Are Clearing the 'Jungle' Migrant Camp

Police evacuate migrants from the camp known as the "Jungle" in Calais, northern France, Tuesday Sept. 22, 2009. French police have begun clearing out the "jungle" holding hundreds of illegal immigrants trying to reach Britain. About a dozen vans carrying riot police arrived at the site in Calais early Tuesday and officers began moving in on the camp. Most of the migrants have traveled from Afghanistan in costly and dangerous clandestine journeys.(AP Photo/Michel Spingler)

The predominantly Muslim migrants that are camping out in what is known as the “Jungle” camp in France,are being removed from the area by police. They are citing security concerns and the squalor of the camp as reasons to bus them away. At the moment, it is unclear where all will be sent, but supposedly they will be resettled in various regions throughout the European nation. One thing is clear– French officials do not want them in the tent-city any longer. Once an area is cleared by police, workers are literally going through with sledgehammers to bust up all the primitive living conditions of the migrant camp that will no longer be.