BRUTAL: Trump's New Ad Hits Hillary Where It Hurts

Donald Trump released this step-by-step guide to what he calls Hillary Clinton’s get-rich-quick scheme — a pay-to-play caper that she instituted at the State Department. Well, at least someone on his staff is sticking to the message. Hillary Clinton is a corrupt and tried-and-tired politician who has gamed the system for her personal advantage (and not for the benefit of the nation).

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton abused her power to get millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation, and in return, granted so many favors to the establishment and elites. SO unbelievably corrupt. The system is rigged and as President, I promise you, I will end it! You will always be FIRST—not donors, not special interests, not Washington insiders—you! #AmericaFirst!

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Monday, October 17, 2016