Bernie Sanders Says It's 'Absolutely Correct' to Belittle His Supporters

Remember when Hillary Clinton made fun of Bernie Sanders’ supporters, as basement dwellers, people who couldn’t find a job, and unrealistic voters? Remember that we only found out about it through a leaked audio recording? Well, in his zeal to elect Hillary, Bernie is actually defending her comments… And they say Trump surrogates are in too much lockstep with their candidate! He is now even selling out his own supporters!!

Do you think he’s put up too many blinders in order to elect his former competitor? Are you a millennial looking for someone to vote for? Leave your comments below.

Sanders on Clinton Audio: She Was 'Absolutely Correct'

Bernie Sanders responds to leaked Hillary Clinton audio about his supporters: “What she was saying there is absolutely correct” #ThisWeek

Posted by ABC News on Sunday, October 2, 2016