Hillary Clinton: ‘Why Aren’t I 50 Points Ahead?’

Hillary Clinton claims to be pro-choice, but she seems to support compulsory union membership. Speaking via a video broadcast with a labor union in Nevada, she says Donald Trump’s support for right-to-work laws should mean he loses the race. Hillary even claims this should make her “50 points ahead…” Let’s remember what we’re talking about here: right-to-work laws aren’t pro-union or anti-union, they simply mean that employees should have a right to choose whether to form a union or not, rather than having that decision forced upon them by the state government. It’s important to note that RTW states have a higher standard of living, higher after-tax incomes, and more economic vitality. And, even 65% of Democrats support right-to-work laws. Do you think that supporting right-to-work should somehow disqualify Donald Trump? Leave your comments below.

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