Watch Terrified Passengers Rushing to Escape Burning Plane in Chicago

There were some terrifying moments for passengers on an American Airlines flight that caught fire on the tarmac at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport on Friday. The 161 passengers and nine crew members were forced to evacuate the Miami-bound flight after hearing what one passenger described as something that sounded like an explosion.

Hector Cardenas, who was aboard the plane, somehow managed to record video footage of the terrified passengers rushing from the plane and tumbling down the emergency slide. He posted it on Facebook with the following caption

15 Seconds later would have been on the air and would have been a good bye… Food for thought, don’t take anything for granted and appreciate, because you just never know. ??

Twenty people were reportedly taken to the hospital for injuries received during the escape. According to a tweet by the FAA the plane blew a tire. However, American Airlines said in a statement that the fire was due to an “engine-related mechanical issue.”

Watch the frightening video of the evacuation below: