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Netflix's Michelle Wolf Compares ICE to ISIS

In a recent sketch, "comedian" Michelle Wolf launched a malicious attack against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), suggesting there is little concrete difference between this American law enforcement agency and the radical Islamic terrorist group the Islamic State (ISIS). Wolf's mock recruitment video repeated the phrase "ICE IS," and used ISIS-style imagery to make the connection crystal clear.

"ICE IS rooting out the foreign enemy," one ICE agent says. "ICE IS terrorizing the invaders," another declares. "ICE IS blowing up the status quo," adds a third agent, as he fires a rocket launcher.

YouTube screenshot.

"ICE IS waging war for everything that's holy in this country. I guess you could call it a 'holy war,'" one man says. Another quips, "ICE IS guaranteeing my ticket to heaven," as the screen shows him with an automatic rifle in the clouds with girls in American-flag bikinis and crosses in the background — an odd American twist on the Islamic view that those who die fighting in a jihad (or holy war) will go directly to paradise and have 72 virgins.

YouTube screenshot.

Perhaps the most insulting part came when Michelle Wolf herself appears, in the guise of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. "It's popular nowadays to say ICE IS bad, but there's no better representation of American values than ICE IS," Wolf says after introducing herself as Nielsen.

As she speaks about ICE as a "representation of American values," a mock ICE agent takes part in a training exercise, removing a mannequin baby from the arms of a mannequin mother. This event referenced the overblown scandal of ICE separating the children of illegal immigrants from their parents for a time, while prosecuting their parents for breaking the law.

This rather clever reference then gives way to mere ad hominem attacks. Playing Nielsen, Wolf declares, "As an equal opportunity employer, we accept all levels of experience and education, from low to very low, and actively welcome those with diagnosed anger issues."

Then comes an offensive montage, with the ICE agents describing their backgrounds.

"I wanted to join the regular police, but they told me they didn’t want to take someone who was already under arrest," one says. "Animal control said nope," recalls another. "The TSA rejected me cuz I kept asking if there was something called sky jail," a third explains.

This insinuation — that ICE agents are uneducated and criminally violent — is the exact opposite of the truth. Entry-level ICE agents must have a bachelor's degree, but "at least one year of graduate study is also required unless you received Superior Academic Achievement (SSA) in your graduate degree." Huh.