Sen. Jeff Flake: Trump's Immigration Stance and Muslim Ban Have No Place in the GOP

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) has been called the most “endangered Republican,” for speaking out about President Trump’s fitness to lead. But he says he has no regrets, and even chided his colleagues for not admitting the same things about the president.

He told Fox News, “I spoke up when I felt that I should, and when the president made statements with regard to immigrants, with regard to my colleague, John McCain, with regard to promoting a Muslim ban during the campaign. Those are things that aren’t conservative. They shouldn’t be part of the Republican Party. I stood up and I’m glad I did.”

Flake has always had a point. The Republican Party was started to free the slaves and to embolden the individual against bloated government intrusion. How exactly does a religious test for immigrants or an anti-free trade message downsize the bureaucracy or protect personal liberty?!? How have Trump’s comments on John McCain, or his remarks after Charlottesville, embodied the Republican spirit?!? How do Trump’s unkind words about fallen soldiers square with the traditional right-wing patriotism?!?

The problem is that Trump isn’t really a Republican, so much as he is his own beast. He’s Trumpian, and unfortunately it seems that more and more of Flake’s constituents have abandoned the GOP to become Trumpians as well…

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