Milo Yiannopoulos Sang 'America the Beautiful' While Neo-Nazis Heil Saluted Him...

Claiming that Breitbart has walked a fine line between being a media outlet for the alt-right and being outright racists, BuzzFeed has released a set of emails and videos that challenge the website’s ethos. One of those released is the video you can see below, which depicts Milo Yiannopoulos, the gay anti-PC firebrand formerly of Breitbart, singing “America the Beautiful” as neo-Nazis salute him in a heil-like fashion. These neo-Nazi alt-righters like Richard Spencer have become infamous for causing bigoted events like Charlottesville to occur. This incident happened in April 2016 at a karaoke bar in Dallas, Texas.

Yiannopoulos himself commented on the BuzzFeed story, arguing he’s not at all racist: “I have said in the past that I find humor in breaking taboos and laughing at things that people tell me are forbidden to joke about. […] But everyone who knows me also knows I’m not a racist,” he said. “As someone of Jewish ancestry, I of course condemn racism in the strongest possible terms. I have stopped making jokes on these matters because I do not want any confusion on this subject. I disavow Richard Spencer and his entire sorry band of idiots. I have been and am a steadfast supporter of Jews and Israel. I disavow white nationalism and I disavow racism and I always have.”

He blamed his “severe myopia” for not being able to see Spencer and the others in the room Nazi saluting. Should we believe him?