A Real-Life Nightmare-- Watch This Shark Try to Eat a Go-Pro Camera

When Raymond Pascoe went diving in Australia’s Swains Reef National Park, he probably didn’t figure a shark would try to eat him alive. That’s likely why he brought his Go-Pro camera along with him. But, while the sharks he was originally there to view, lemon sharks, are thought to be harmless to humans, bull sharks are definitely very dangerous.

Pascoe faced that nightmare, as bull sharks, instead of lemon sharks, surrounded him. He went darting to safety as a shark lunged to attack him. Thankfully, the shark was only able to sink its teeth into his camera. Safely above water, he breathed a sigh of relief. And then, semi-miraculously, his camera came floating up too. Not only was it more or less okay, but the camera had actually filmed the attack. So we get to see what the inside of a shark bite looks like: