Los Angeles Police Officer Arrested for DUI and Killing 3 People

On Tuesday evening, Edgar Verduzco, a 26 year-old Los Angeles Police Department officer and a former military service-member, posted a video to a social media account. The video showed several alcoholic beverages atop a bar, with an animated car driving through them, and it featured the hashtag “#dontdrinkanddrive.” The very sad irony here is that, later in the night, Verduzco drove recklessly, presumably while drunk, and caused an accident involving two other vehicles near Santa Fe Springs, CA. Inside one of the cars he hit were parents Mario and Maribel Davila and their 19 year-old son Oscar. Their car caught fire upon impact; tragically, the three of them died.

Verduzco was arrested on charges of vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence, and was released yesterday on $100,000 bail. Though LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said, “I cannot tell you how angry and disappointed I am,” he also said that department regulations compel them to continue paying him until the crime is completely proven.

If only Officer Verduzco had followed his animation’s advice — don’t drink and drive.

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