Does Trump Have Multiple Personalities Disorder?

Many critics claim that President Trump doesn’t have the temperament for the position that he holds. I want to draw a distinction — he can have the temperament (he has demonstrated that he can be presidential), but he isn’t consistent. Sometimes he is Mr. President, and other times he’s Mr. Dog-Whistling Bullhorn-Man. He either sounds like a unifying, put-together, rational human being, or an out-of-control, hatred-igniting ignoramus. Morning Joe made this compilation of his speeches (from just the last few days), and you can clearly see the difference. Now I’m not saying that I can actually diagnose Trump with any personality disorders, nor am I trying to make light of the actual condition or stigmatize mental health, but I’m not being glib either when I ask if Trump has multiple personalities. Calling the segment “A Tale of Two Trumps,” Joe Scarborough said the president suffers from “political schizophrenia.” And the MSNBC host wasn’t the only journalist to call Trump’s stability into question: Fox News’ Byron York was worried that this “rogue” behavior might happen as Trump was en route to Phoenix on Tuesday. If Trump can be the statesman-esque teleprompter reader, he could actually be a mediocre president; but the more he draws moral equivalency between hate groups and their protesters, the more he attacks the media and says derogatory things about women, and the more he puffs himself up like a playground bully, the less successful he and America will be.

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