Who Supports Donald Trump?

After what seemed like a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for the president, many in the media are wondering who actually supports Donald Trump. How did he win the Republican primary, and how did he win states that had been “blue” for years? The Cato Institute breaks it down for us. After polling many Trump supporters, they were able to fit them into certain categories. Some of these categories include American preservationists, free marketeers, and anti-elitists. To help us understand why President Trump might not have boldly denounced the neo-Nazi movement, let’s take a look at the American preservationist group. Though not the largest percentage of his supporters (20%), they do seem to be the most vociferous. And they’re the most likely to think that European descent (read white) is important in order for someone to be a true American. They were the most likely to support a Muslim ban, and are most likely to support his anti-immigration policies. It is likely that Trump doesn’t want to alienate this group by fully condemning white nationalists.

What do you think? If you’re a Trump supporter, do you fit into any of these categories? Leave your comments below.