VP Pence Says He 'Stands By' Trump's Moral Equivalency Statement on Charlottesville

Choosing to avoid answering a reporter’s questions about whether Robert E. Lee deserves to be in the same pantheon as George Washington, and whether he felt that southern towns should be removing confederate statues, Vice President Pence did respond to one part of the trifecta inquiry. He responded to the question of whether he stood by President Trump’s statement drawing a moral equivalence between neo-Nazis and their counter-protesters. And, unbelievably, Pence said he did stand by Trump. This is a man who claims to hold himself to a very high moral standard, and who claims to be a devout Christian. And yet Pence can’t muster the moral fortitude to say that his boss may have been wrong, that neo-Nazis are always worse than their counter-protesters. They are always worse.

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