Alabama Senate Candidate Agrees With Putin, Says U.S. Is 'Evil' Because We Allow Same-Sex Marriage

A few ground-rules: you are always going to be on shaky ground if you agree with Vladimir Putin on anything, but if you agree with Putin that the U.S. is “evil,” you have no place in American politics. If you agree with him the the U.S. is evil and speak to him directly in Russian, it’s even worse. And if you were the former state Supreme Court Chief Justice, as is the case with Roy Moore, a person whose job it is to promote equality under the law, and you agree with Putin that the U.S. is evil because we allow same-sex marriages, it’s so much worse.

In case you didn’t get the gist of those ground-rules, Moore, who is a candidate for the U.S. Senate, hoping to fill Jeff Sessions’ vacated seat, did say all of those things. The Republican Party must disavow these statements, and say that this man is no longer welcome in the party of Lincoln!

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