After His 'Fire and Fury' Statement, Trump Is Saying He May Need to Be Even Tougher...

After threatening North Korea with “fire and fury,” President Trump is saying his rhetoric may not have been strong enough. Many on both the political right and left have questioned the prudence of using such harsh language against a country with nukes pointed at us, but Trump once again proved that he’s going to do whatever he wants. When asked a question about why the North Koreans weren’t taking him seriously (when he was baited by the press), the president said that “maybe it wasn’t tough enough.” But of course he couldn’t answer the reporter’s follow-up question: “What would be tougher than fire and fury?” He just stumbled along and pretended that this was a meaningful statement, rather than just another improvised off-the-cuff comment. You can see why so many Americans have little confidence in Trump’s ability to handle this nuclear crisis!

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