Here Are the Best Trailers That Were Released at Comic Con 2017

San Diego’s annual Comic Con started as a place for nerd pride to shine brightly, and has become a place for the mega media companies to debut their stuff. Either way, it’s still a great place to learn about the science fiction or comic book based TV shows and movies that are being released.  Awaiting us in films and shows coming out soon are bicycle riding kids who kill demogorgon monsters in alternative worlds, the god of lightning relating to the Hulk, a virtual reality universe that includes Back to the Future‘s DeLorean, and bespoke secret agents allying with cowboys. Should be a fun time! Check out the best trailers from the event–

Stranger Things, season two:


Blade Runner 2049:


Ready Player One:


Thor, Ragnarok:


Kingsman, The Golden Circle:


Honorable Mention:

Whether you think the Justice League movie will be any good really depends on whether you thought Wonder Woman‘s quality outweighed the horribleness that was Batman v. Superman. But here’s the trailer, so you can make the decision for yourself.