McMaster Says It's a 'Policy Decision,' Won't Answer Whether Western Wall Is Part of Israel

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster was providing the press with the rundown of President Trump’s upcoming foreign trip. He said Trump would be visiting the Western Wall and didn’t specifically say whether he considered the holiest spot for the Jewish religion to be part of the Jewish State. Apparently the president will be breaking with tradition, and will not be visiting the holy site with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Once he got pressed on whether he thought the Western Wall was part of Israel, McMaster demurred and said that would be a “policy decision.” I’m sorry, but that is not a policy decision. Are you seriously thinking of declaring that this wall, the last remaining of the ancient Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, isn’t Israeli territory?!? That is downright offensive, and something I’d expect from a liberal administration. Netanyahu called Trump a “great friend” of Israel. Maybe we should be taking back that title.

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