Trump Actually Said It's a Good Idea Not to Have Press Conferences

I understand that the media has been treating the Trump administration with hostility. One need look no further than the wall-to-wall coverage of the Comey firing to see the journalism double standard. But, even as a Republican, I cannot fathom a presidency that doesn’t have regular press briefings. Americans must be kept in the loop about the goings on at the White House. Trump and his staff ultimately work for us, and we need to know what’s happening. Trump first tweeted about not having press briefings, and then actually said the words out loud to Jeanine Pirro of Fox News. Pirro even pleaded with him, saying that he couldn’t possibly mean that. And by the way, this move would not help his standing with the press. They would add even more conjecture and bias if they didn’t have any daily interaction with the administration. This would be such an affront to our democratic system!

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