Fox Business Network Guest: 'Don't Invite Me to Your Show If You're Terrified by My Answers'

Well this got heated quickly! This Fox Business Network guest, Arash Aramesh, said President Trump hasn’t followed through with a lot of his promises on Israel (some of which is true), and the host of the show, Charles Payne, cut him off. Payne said, “You’re not going to come on the show and filibuster.” To which Aramesh replied, “Don’t invite me to your show if you’re terrified by my answers.” Payne shouted, “There is nothing you can do to ever terrify me. Nothing! If you were driving a semiconductor truck at a thousand miles an hour, you couldn’t frighten me!!” Aramesh later called the whole interview a “sham.” This may have been one of the most fun explosive moments on news television lately!